At SHBA MOVEMENT, we are always innovating, pushing boundaries, and keeping our customers at the core of our design philosophy. We’ve cultivated a two-phase release strategy to ensure our athletic wear is not only trendy but also resonates with your fitness aspirations and feedback. Here’s how our dynamic product launch model works:

1. Beta Release: The Prologue

Our journey with a new product begins with the Beta Release.

  • Limited Edition: This phase showcases select color options and maintains a restricted inventory, generally spanning between 100 to 200 items.
  • Competitive Pricing: Products in the Beta phase are offered at a slightly reduced rate. This is both an incentive for early adopters and a reflection of our trial stage.
  • Purpose: Beyond introducing our innovative designs to a niche audience, our aim is to gauge market reception and gather invaluable feedback.
  • Engagement: We don't just listen; we act on the feedback. Each insight shared by our customers during this phase shapes the future trajectory of our product lineup.

2. Alpha Release: The Grand Showcase

If the Beta phase indicates a green signal, we then escalate to the Alpha Release.
  • Expanded Palette: This stage welcomes an array of vibrant colors, offering our community a diverse choice palette.
  • Inventory Surge: With boosted quantities, we ensure a wider segment of our patrons experience our premium athletic wear.
  • Tweaks & Refinements: The Beta phase's feedback becomes actionable intelligence here, potentially leading to design or functionality improvements.
  • Adjusted Pricing: Given the meticulous market testing, feedback integration, and product enhancements, products in the Alpha phase carry a slightly elevated price tag, reflecting the value addition.
  • Evergreen Products: Products that resonate deeply with our audience aren't fleeting. They retain a consistent spot in our collections and are regularly restocked, until evolving market dynamics or shifting seasons signal otherwise.

Our Commitment

Our dual-release strategy isn't just a business model; it's a testament to our commitment. We pledge to create athletic wear that stands out, not just in fashion, but in function. Your feedback is our compass, guiding us towards perpetual innovation and excellence.